Learning to fly a model airplane or helicopter is similar to learning to fly a full scale airplane.  There is a lot to remember, and you have to be able to think about it on the fly.  The main difference between flying a model and flying a full scale is that you'll be standing on the ground.  While that may keep you safer, it also means that your perspective is constantly changing.  It is quite common for most new pilots to become disoriented when they first start flying, after all, unlike a full scale airplane, your left and the airplanes left don't always stay the same.  It can be challenging in the beginning to think inside the airplane when you're standing on the ground watching... but that is an important and necessary skill.

Our club instructors will help you get through this most challenging phase of training, ensuring that your new airplane stays in one piece along the way!

Feel free to contact any of our instructors to find out their schedule.  We'll be happy to work with you, and want nothing more than to see you solo your airplane that first time!

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