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Midnight Sun R/C Club (MSRC) is an Academy Model Aeronautics (AMA) chartered club, #0845.  Membership in AMA is required to be a member of MSRC.

AMA provides the liability insurance for the club, and for our individual members.  This applies to all members, not just those flying model airplanes, but also to those who may only run cars or boats.

Both MSRC and AMA memberships are based on calendar year.  MSRC does offer pro-rated dues for new members joining late in the season, speak with a club officer for more information.

MSRC has a number of AMA Intro Pilots.  These members will work with you as instructors to help you understand all the ins and outs of model aviation, and to help ensure you learn to fly competently and safely.  Just like full scale aviation, most people find flying model aircraft more challenging than they initially expect.  But with the help of one of our Intro Pilot instructors, we will help ensure your success and enjoyment in this amazing hobby.

All MSRC members must adhere to the AMA Safety Code available here.

MSRC dues are $100 a year, but new members will receive 50% off their first year.

Additionally MSRC extends a 50% discount to all uniformed service members.  This means new membership for a service member is only $25!

MSRC membership is for an entire household.  So your dues will include your spouse and any dependent children still living with you.  Each member is however required to obtain individual AMA membership.  AMA does offer membership to youths for only $1 if their parent is already a member.

Join MSRC in 3 easy steps...

  • Step 1: Join AMA - This can be done easily on the AMA web site.
  • Step 2: Complete the MSRC application available here.
  • Step 3: Pay your membership dues either via PayPal below, or directly to any club officer

When paying your dues online using PayPal, please include your phone number and AMA # for contact and verification.

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